Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Since Barack and Michelle Obama has been on the trail of making history, everybody has been watching their every moves, and noticiing how cool they are.

Here are many observations

Michelle's fashion and how she likes to catches sales
Whenever people become famous, they tend to buy fancy and expensive attire from famous designers like Gucci, and Versaci to stroll down the red carpet.
Michelle likes to dress fancy (which female public figure doesn't), but Michelle doesn't mind purchasing attire that's nice looking, but not as costly, and she doesn't mind wearing attire by unkonwn and up and coming designers.

Barack's taste in music.
Oprah Winfrey is known for her public dislike and lack of understanding of Hip-Hop music and artists, but Barack loves to listens to the music and had many Hip-Hop artists in his I-pod (including Beyonce's husband Jay-Z who is a favorite among the kids and adults), and he embraces them unlike Oprah, who had the audacity to chew out Ludacris, but listens to 50 Cent's 2003 chart topping classic "In Da Club" in priviate. He also did Jigga's trademark dance dust off your shoulder at one of his debates, and he also asked Luda to endorse him, which shows how hip he is and willing to learn about these artists. Maybe he can help Oprah learn to come off her high horse and be more toleratable. Especially to the pioneers and ones who record positive music.

Barack and Michelle's display of affection.
They show their love for each other by kissing, holding hands and giving each other pounds and the bumps. When Bush was walking to the inaguration, he wasn't even holding his wife's hand, where as Barack was letting the whole world now that this is my wife and I'm gong to let everybody know that.

Michelle and Barck's love for their kids.
They always make sure they sure love to their daughters who are going to have a new life to embark on as the daughters as the President and First Lady. They made it clear that they understand that they will be photographed from time to time, but they would like to press to respect their privacy and not to harass their daughters.
In other words, don't mess with our daughters.

This post was inspired by a conversation with BBOP