Wednesday, January 28, 2009


While I was listening to WBLS a few days ago, the DJ was talking about a video of rappers Young Jeezy and Jay-Z's performance in a DC club, where they performed Jeezy's single "My President Is Black" where Jeezy hyped the crowd by thanking the guy who threw the shoe at Bush when he was overseas.
"I wanna thank the muthafucker overseas who threw the two shoes at Bush!" the Atlanta-based rapper said.
"And I wanna thank the muthafuckers who helped them move their shit out the White house!! Keep it moving bitch!! My president is muthafucking Black!!
After he peformed the hook, Jigga spit some hot verses that had the crowd hyped.

Never thought I say this shit
baby I'm good
You can keep you p***
I don't want no Bush
No more war
No more Iraq
No more white lies
My President is Black

While the people that attened that party loved the performace, there were many who didn't approve of what the Def Jam recording artists said including Bill O'Riley who's known for his hatered against rappers. He and his guest Dennis Miller were speaking about the performance, and saying that Jay-Z should have known better. (In other words, they were trying to say that Hova should have acted like a mature adult by not speaking rapping abut Bush during that performance).

It seems like whenver a musician expresses their dislike about a politician, they get criticized. Especially if it's a Republican, who has a extremly high disapproval rate from the world, and with Bush's track record, everbody is going to talking about he fucked up the world, and the two Def Jam rappers had every right to express how they felt about Bush leaving the White house. Hell, Jezzy said something that everybody wanted to say in public; thanking the guy for throwing the shoe at him as well as those who packed his family's shit. (I wish I would have helped them packed; it would have been a honor).

As for Hova's verse, he hit in on the nail about no more war and no more Iraq. The war is a terrible thing that happened, and many people don't seem to know nor care to wanna know the side effects it has on many of the soliders who fight. There are many who are injured, and if they're survivie their wounds, they have problems getting benefits for health care. Especially those who lose limbs and body parts, and have to rely on wheelchairs and cructhes to get around, and those who aren't injured, they suffer many pscycholigical effects, such as dropping to the floor, wanting to attack every person that has foreign features due to their thinking they're gonna attack them.
As for benefits, many who have fought in the past are stil having problems receiving their benefits, because the government refuses to allow veterans to receive their benefits if they receive social security, which forces many to return to the work, move in with families just to keep a roof over their heads to avoid being homeless. Why can't they recieve their all of their beneifts that they're entitled too? It doesn't make any excuse for any veterans to have to beg, borrow or steal to survive when most of their money is sitting in vaults or being spent on usless items such as missles?
I hope and pray that Obama works hard to make this world a better place, because it's time for a chance, and with him taking his job seriously, I'm proud to say that my president is a hard working Black man.

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