Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This month has been very hectic for me. In addition to helping with SOS's summit, and attending premieres, I just learned that my sister was ill and requred surgery, which was very succesful, but my grandmother, however, isn't doing as great. When I arrived back from Brooklyn after attending Philly Black Gay Pride, there was a message on my cell phone from my cousin, which sounded urgent. When I called her, she informed me that my grandmother was moved to the ICU unit after suffering a mild stroke. The news along with my sister's surgery being delayed, had me overwhelmed to the point where I couldn't decided on what to eat Sunday night. I sometimes wonder how am I managing to keep my head above waters knowing that two loved ones and family members are ill?
I guess it's God being my anchor and fairweather friend as well as my counselor, thearpist and mentor, and I thank him for being the achor that I require during this time in my life as well as my friends who's been offering my their love, support and prayers.

Song posted and inspired for this post

Fairweather Friend
Performed by Johnny Gill
Written by L.A. Reid-Babyface
Produced by L.A. Reid & Babyface for La'Face Productions
Co-Produced by Daryl Simmons and Kayo
1990 Motown Records
# 2 R&B/# 28 POp

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