Thursday, June 25, 2009


I remember watching the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary special in 2001, and though it was spectacular, I also began to think of how it could have been better.

Had I produced the special this is what I would have done

1. Have Michael and Janet perform Scream Live at both dates. My first thing would have been to have Michael call his sister. He called her two weeks later and by that time her All For You tour was booked.

2. Have SWV and Michael perform Right Here Human Nature. Michael was a huge fan of the group (especially the group's lead singer Coco) and since their remix feature samples of his hit "Human Nature" and was featured on the soundtrack to Free Willy (released on his label) and was mixed in form of duet that was included on the former's remix ep It would have made sense to have them perform the song.

3.Rebbie perform Centepede and Diana Ross perform Muscles. Michael wrote and produced his oldest sister's first hit, which peaked at #24 on the Pop charts as well as his mentor's and first love classic which earned the former Suprmes lead singer an American Music Award and was dubbed an modern Pop record by Rolling Stone Magazine. Many known him for his singing, dancing and videos, but he has written and produced hits for many other artist and that would have been nice to have Rebbie perform as well as 3T and Brownstone who were signed to his MJJ Record label.

4. Would have had Mya, Vanessa L. Williams or Christia Aguleria perform The Way You Make Me Feel With Michael. Not trying to start drama, but Brintey's vocals didn't cut it. Mya would have been a choice because she has the looks of the model of the video and she has a stronger voice than Brintey. Vanessa is a trained dancer, actress and singer and she would have gave MJ a run for his money and Christina would have tore the roof off.

4. Had LL Cool J and Boyz II Men perform "Hey Lover" Boyz II Men are one of MJ's favorite sing groups and being that many Rappers and Comptemporary artist have remade and sample his music, that would have showed the industry and public how his music trendsends all genres.

5.Would have had The Jacksons include more of their post Motown hits in their medley. It was great seeing The Jacksons perform live for the first time since 1984, but it would have nice to see them perform Show You The Way To Go, Lovely One and I would have had them include Jermaine and Michael's hit Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming in the tribute as well.

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