Wednesday, July 1, 2009


People are going to try to bring Michael down because he's rich, but he's gonna come back. That was what my grandmother told me when I spent Mothers day with her last year. It had been great seeing her for the first time since 2005 though we spoke on the phone weekly. In March of 2009, she became ill and though it was hard to see her slip away, she still had her sense of humor, laugh, and she was concered about me doing too much and was concerned about my sister's recovery from surgery as well.

On Thursday, July 25th many people including my sister and mother called me to inform me of Michael Jackson's death and I was shocked and numb to the news. It was totally unexpected and it didn't register until I checked the internet. This man was one of my idol's who inspired me to become interested in music history and I'm sad that he didn't get the chance to make his comeback he deserved.

2 days later while I was in the emergency room being treated from Ashtma, my grandmother had died, and when I got the news the following morning, I was numbed with pain (that I kept inside).

These 2 individuals were great influences in my life. My grandmother was a great cook a great listerner and loved her family and she was a fair woman. I was shocked to learn that she loved Beyonce and Alicia Keys. My grandother didn't do her famous booty dance, but she loved her music.
I will miss her cooking (especially her mac and cheese and the way she make kool-aid) and her love.

I will miss Michael's music, seeing him appear at events looking sharp and cool and giving props to artists who presented him with special awards.

I won't be able to listen to She's Out of My Life anymore becaue it will make my cry but I will cherish their memories.

Ra Shawn

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