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For years, I have heard many stories about youth pariticapting in negative activies such as crime, shooting, robberies, rape, vandalism and hate crimes, and when people were asked how they did feel about the situation, most have always used the excuse about them not having a father in the home.
Whenever I hear a person use that as an excuse for a person's behavior, I get upset. I do understand that the lack of a positive male figure in the households is high, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse for a person who does things willingly.
I was raised in a single parent household and I wasn't no perfect kid, but I never used that as an excuse; I was able to finish high school, graduate from a Community and four-year college.
Plus I've known kids who come from two-parent homes, who act up, misbehave and partake in just as much negative activities as those who come from single-parent homes, which is something that the media and society doesn't like to acknowledge and accept.

I remember seeing this kid named G* smack a kid in the back of his head, and punch another kid, who had back problems in his back, and when they retaliated, G's mother, who saw him hit the kids walked over to them and instead of punishing her son, she chastied the kids, who defended themselves, by asking them their ages, and height, and then they told them, her reply was 'Well, you're too old and too tall to be hitting on my son."
I couldn't believe what I saw and heard. She was saying that the boys couldn't hit her son because they were two years older and few inches taller than him, but it was OK for G* to hit them for no apparent reason? Because he and her husband lived in the surburbs? A few months later, when we were at camp, G* was being disrespectful to our camp leader. He didnt' want to go to bed and he was cursing, and when the leader went to shake his bunk bed, G kicked him in his face and later hit him with his flashlight. After getting a few lickings, the leader told G* that he was gonna tell his father about his behavior, and G8 tried to played Mr. Hardrock by saying' My pop's is gonna kick your ass. Blah, blah, blah"
That Sunday when we returned to New York, G's father came to take him home and when the leader informed him about his misbehavior, his father told G, "You know what? I am going to do some butt kicking. It's gonna be yours!" G was shocked, and before he could say anything, his father told him about himself in a calm, but firm tone of voice and made him apologize. It seemed that his mother allowed him to misbehave, while his father on the other hand didn't tolerate any form of misbehavior at all. A few months later, when the camp leader informed G's mother that he wouldn't be getting any of his awards because he didn't complet the assignments, Miss Thang had a hissy fit saying that she wanted a new Camp leader, and she wanted to get her lawyer.
When I learned what happened, I told my mother who was like 'Don't let me go up there! If he would have did what he was supposed to do, he would have gotten his awards. I had to agree. All he had to do was do the required work, but his mother didn't want to hear that, and her Nasty attitude began to rub off on her son, who was asked to leave the group.

Another example: In the summer of 1994, I was watching the news and they reported a story about a female college student in Virgina being raped by a college Freshman. While the anchor woman's voiceover was being played, they showed footage of the cops arresting a Black 18 year-old and taking him into custody. Many viewers may have thought that the teen, was from the ghetto from the attire he was wearing (T-Shirt, baggy blue jeans and timberland boots), but in reality, he was raised in a middle class Southern neighborhood by two college educated parents, who were deeply involved in their church, and when the news interviewed many of the parents friends, and neighbors, they said that both parents were down to earth and hard work people, who never drank, smoked or did drugs.
I never heard any follow up stories of the case, and I'm not an Thearpist, but I can only give my opinon on what the family situation. His parents, though educated, and were deeply into the church, probably gave their son material items such as money, clothes and anything his heart desired, but didn't give him any emotional love. Or his parents probably sheltered and overprotected him by not allowing him to hang with people other than family or church members, and when he got on his own, he probably didn't know how to cope with life away from his family.

While I'm on the subjects of families, there are the myths about Blacks and Latinos being rude, vulgar and not having class and interests in acheiving their dreams. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of White people who be acting like a bunch of assholes also and be starting trouble also.

There have been times when I see a bunch of white kids in the city by acting like they own the city. They act like minorities are supposed to kiss they ass, but when a minority puts their ass in check, they cop major attitude and be having fits.
Most white kids' parents spoil them with money, and having them beleive they're superior, and that the world must kiss their asses. When they don't get their ways, they curse the parents out and even whip their asses. That wouldn't happen in a Black or Latin household.
The thought of a Black and Latin kid even attempting to raise their hand to their parents will result in a ass whipping.

Many people think that White girls are submissive to men. That's true, but there are many who are bitchy people.

I remember being in summer camp, putting chairs on the table, when I almost slipped on a small puddle of water, and as a result, the chair slipped out my hand and accidently hit this girl, who didn't give me the opportunity to apoligize
"Bitch! Why didn't you say sorry?" she said as she hit me in my arm. I hit her back a few times and she stormed out the mess hall. I learned that many people (including her own kind didn't like her attidue). When I spoke to this white boy about what happened, he said "She's stupid." A week later, me and that bitch got into another altercation. I was on a hike, talking to my friend Melissa, when that heifer came over to me and asked was Melissa my girlfriend. I told her yes, and she kept teasing us. I can't remember what words were said, but it did invovled name calling and me telling her several times to leave me alone. After the verbal assaults, she came over to me and hit me. I hit her back, She hit me I hit her back. She punched me in shoulder blade, and I scratched that bitch in her neck and in her face. She was shocked and pissed that her so-called beautiful face was maked up that she stormed away screaming "I'm gonna get my brother to kick your ass and you can cry!"
She wasn't the only one who was pissed at me; one of the white counnselors was too.
"I can't beleive you had the nerve to hit on a girl" she said not caring or acknowledging that the bitch had struck me first.
"My mothet told me if anybody hit me to hit them back" I repled.
"I don't care what your mother said
"My mother don't care what you said! I replied as I shock my head in a diva style.

Those are my thoughts, views and observations about reality and I should be posting more pretty soon.

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