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For decades, many publications have photographed and done features on many famous Black Couples who are in the public eye. Actors, Singers, Rappers, Politicians, First Ladies, Athletes, Activists, Authors, Socialites, Kappas. Many viewers and couples aspire to be like them and even dress like them for Halloween and costume parties to show their appreciation of the love they have for each other. Here is Da-Professor's favorite couples.

1. Joseph & Katherine Jackson-When the former Katherine Scruse was a child, she dreamed of being a Country Singer, traveling the world and marrying a musician. In her memoirs My Family-The Jacksons she wrote' "I thought musicians were very sexy." She didn't become the first Black female Country singer, but she did fulfill her other two dreams of traveling the world and marrying a musician. When she first laid eyes on Joesph Walter Jackson, she found him attracted, but had no idea he sung and played guitar until after they gotten married. Joseph or Joe as he called had briefly lived in California after his parents divorced and remarried. Joe loved the West Coast so much that he decided that he was going to return and live them on a permanent basis. When he return to Indiana, he would tell the other kids that he lived in California which gave him respect and street credit, but it was his shyness, strength and boldness that made Katherine fall in love with him as well as Joe overlooking her limp that she got due to her surviving polio. After months of dating, Joe had his mother Crystal bake her a cake, where he put an engagement ring and they went to the justice of peace, got married and got a house on 2300 Jackson Street (go figure), where they gave birth to nine children, who not only became famous singers, actresses and humanitarians, they also helped Joe and Katherine pursue their dream of moving from Gary which had many gangs, to California where they continue to raise their children to be polite and respectful human beings. Joe would always tell Katherine one day I'm gonna move us to California and he did. Many admire and respect the couple for raising their kids to be respectful adults and while many didn't agree with Joe's methods, many from that era praise him for raising his kids old-school. Joe also gave his kids chores while Katherine provided them with spiritual guidance and love she learned by becoming a Jehovah's witness in Gary. She continues to witness to people to this day. Their marriage has endured many challenges, the death of Katherine's sister, Joe's affair, Randy surviving a deadly car accident, Michael getting burned while filming a Pepsi commercial, and the loss of Joe's parents, their daughter in laws Delores and Enid and the death of their beloved sons Marlon's twin Brandon who died shortly after birth and their son Michael, who died a month after their 60th wedding anniversary. Their love for family has helped this couple stay strong and while they spend time living in different states (Joe lives in Las Vegas, while Katherine divides her time between California and Las Vegas) they manage to spend time together and while Joe has many projects he's working on, he and Katherine manage to spend time together where they reflect on the time they met, struggle to keep their bills paid and their son's first talent show. Joe also cooks meals and bar-b-ques as well as play pranks on Katherine to the point where she tells him "Joe you make me sick when you do that!" they still love each other and their relationship shows that with love for each other and values parents can raise their kids to be respectful while making time for themselves.

2. President Barack & Michelle Obama-When Barack Obama first laid eyes on Michelle Robinson, he was captivated by her beauty, strength and outgoing personality. So much that he asked her out on several dates, which she declined due to her being his boss at the law firm they worked at, and for his young age. That didn't stop the future first Black President for pursing the future first Black First Lady. Instead of asking her out on a date, he told her that he would like to take her out for ice cream. Michelle removed her chip and went out for her dessert, which led to more dates, marriage, 2 kids and making history by becoming the first Black couple to become The President and First Lady of the United States. What makes this couple love is their outgoing personalities, they public displays of affection which consists of hugs, kisses, daps and Barack rubbing Michelle's ass from time to time. (When he was elected for a 2nd tern, many fans and supporters noticed their glow and even commented how he was going to tear her ass up that night. Many fans and supporters still talk about how they please each other in the bedroom). Their commitments to their daughters also makes them loved and adored as well as them being hip to popular culture and not allowing their professional titles to prevent them from being down to earth to their guests. Their showing people that being royal doesn't mean you have to be stiff sticks in the mud.

3. Marlon & Carol Jackson. When The Jackson 5ive burst onto the scene in 1969, many males wanted to be like them, while many females wanted to get with them and become a wife of one of the Jackson brothers. Some fans went as far as to discuss their dream weddings, which was something that the executives of their first record label loved, which is why they were strongly against any of the brothers having girlfriends. They were constantly told that your biggest fan base are females, and that girlfriends can hurt record sales and break up groups. The brothers would roll their eyes and secretly take a whatever attitude. Well the girl who captured Marlon Jackson's heart was Carol Ann Parker, who Michael introduced his older brother to and the two hit it off, and began a friendship which later blossomed into a romance that has lasted for 37 years. When their relationship got serious, Motown executives would the couple not to hold hands around fans and not make it obvious. In a documentary on The Jackson family, Marlon revealed that while he did understand the importance of record sales, he also revealed that there was other things to life besides record sales and fans, and in 1975, Marlon and Carol eloped, and kept their marriage a secret for 5 months until his mother's instincts forced her to ask him did he marry Carol. When he told her yes, she told him that she knew. 37 years, 3 kids and 4 grandchildren later, Marlon and Carol are still happily married. Marlon and his sister Rebbie are the only members of The Jackson siblings to not divorce. What makes their love strong? In Katherine's memoirs My Family, Marlon told his mother that he and Carol are friends first. They also are very family orienated-they spend time together as a family by traveling and having family time. When The Jacksons were on tour and had days off, Marlon would fly to California to spend time with Carol, while she would come on the road from time to time. They also co-wrote songs for Barry White and Betty Wright as well as posed for many magazine publications together, while Marlon supported Carol's decision to model while she supported him when he decided to pursue a solo career as well as his decision to work in real estate. They also have a strong spiritual foundation. While Marlon was raised as a Jehovah's witness, he and Carol decided to attend a Catholic church, which later led Marlon to be the President of a Cable company which aired shows with family values. Fans love them for sticking together through thick and thin and for having their own lives away from the spotlight.

4. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. She's one of television's and silver screen's hottest actress, while he is one of the NBA's hottest and skilled players who had helped the Miami Heat win the 2013 championship. Their relationship still has many of their fans talking and eager to see photos of them together. NBA player Dwayne Wade had met actress Gabrielle Union in 2009 and they began an unexpected friendship which later turned into a romance, which gained them many followers and supporters as well as haters who called the star of "Being Mary Jane" a home wrecker, blaming her for breaking up D-Wade's marriage to his childhood sweetheart. D-Wade had filed for divorce in 2007 years before he even met Gabrielle. Many have hated on him for not following the tradition of dating a light-skinned, bi-racial or White female. What makes them love? The affection they have between each other in front of the camera and how Gabrielle has a great relationship with his kids, who he got custody of and his nephew that he's raising. Dwayne, a published author also shows Gabrielle support and makes sure she is loved and catered to. Their relationship also endured pain-Dwayne's ex-wife suing Gabrielle accusing her of mental stress (the suit was dropped) and Dwayne fathering a son with his longtime friend while he and Gabrielle had took a break from their relationship due to their busy careers, but the couple reunited and shortly before Christmas, Dwayne proposed to her. Looks like they're going to be together for a long time and these obstacles proves that love can conquer all with love and basketball.

5.David & Tre'Darius Anderson. With many cities and states legalizing Same sex marriage, many LGBT and SGL couples didn't waste anytime jumping the broom, including David and Tre'Darius Anderson, who made history by becoming the youngest African-American Gay/SGL couple to tie the knot, giving hope to many young, and old to find their soul-mates and tie the knot as well. The couple who were born and raised in Memphis Tennessee had met in 2010 and became friends before becoming lovers. They love for so strong that they decided to get married, but due to their state not legalizing same sex marriage, the couple flew to Washington DC for an official marriage and later returned to their home-state for a state wedding and reception that was aired on the television show My Teenage Wedding. What makes this couple loved is their love for each other as well as their activism for the LGBT rights and equality. Both of them run their website Guys with pride. The couple have endured many haters including homophobic morons as well as shady hating gays who feel that they're too young to be married. They also gained many supporters who applaud them for getting married and showing people that if they have faith in God and love their partner they can jump the broom. They're historic union is special because many who came before them wasn't able to get married and had to move out of the south to avoid homophobic attacks. Congratulations to you two.

6. Robert Brown & Nathaniel Gay. When students to to college, they join many students groups including fraternities with hopes of joining them for many fringe benefits. Well Robert Brown wound up getting hitched to Kappa Nathaniel Gay in Kentucky last September. When footage and photos of their wedding surfaced, many believed that it was a fraternity themed wedding due to the colors that the grooms wore at their wedding. Gay denied that his and Brown's wedding was fraternity theme in an interview with Tom Joyner and that the only thing that represented his fraternity was his frat brothers who were in attendance to show the couple support. The two met in their hometown of Kentucky where they both worked at the local Walmart and that's where Robert laid eyes on Nathaniel who was working in the Mc Donalds. A few years later he had his female friend tell him he thought he was cute, but he never knew if his friend gave him the news. A few years later they connected through a mutual friend, and they became friends until Robert took a job in New York and left heartbroken wondering if he would ever see his friend again. A few months later, Nathaniel came to the big apple for a visit and hasn't left. In fact their friendship grew into a friendship and in 2012 they decided to tie the knot so they flew back to their hometown for the ceremony which was featured in Ebony Magazine which made them the first African American Gay/SGL couple to be featured in the legendary magazine. Many Black/SGL couples, especially college students were happy to see a member of a fraternity get married with his frat brothers in attendance along with both members of their families.

7. Doug & Greg Cooper-Spencer. What's Age Got To Do With It is how many describe the relationship between Doug & Greg Cooper-Spencer. The talented author had met the talented photographer and barber in their hometown of Ohio where Doug who had gotten out of a relationship was hanging in the park, when Greg had approached him. Doug had noticed that he was looking for a mentor, but Greg who had an old soul was looking for mentor and a boyfriend and knew that Doug was the one. But there was a obstacle-Greg was 2 months shy of being 18 and Doug was adamant that he be a mentor and big brother until he turned 18 and once Greg's birthday came they began to build a relationship but Doug urged Greg to date other people before making his final decision. A few years later they became a couple and brought a house together and been together for close to 18 years. What makes their relationship special is the love they have for each other. When I was introduced to them by author Donald Peebles, I noticed how Greg made sure that things went smooth for Doug by making sure he posed for photos with his fans and made sure the photographs came out great. Both have individual careers, but they make sure they spend time together.

8. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. When word got out that R&B/Hip-Hop Singer/Songwriter/Producer Mariah Carey had married Comedian/Actor/Producer/Rapper/Director Nick Cannon, many were shocked to learn that they were dating but they were just as shocked when they learned that they married after dating for over 6 weeks. Of course many were thinking and betting that their marriage wouldn't last. Well 5 years and two kids later they're having the last laugh. When Mariah was interviewed in HX magazine, she told the reporter that she was tramutized by her marriage to Tommy Mottola the former CEO of her former record label which Mimi revealed was good at first but later was the victim of his controlling ways as well as his verbal and emotional abuse. After divorcing him she began to take control of her career by adding Hip-Hop and R&B to her pop flavored songs which showed her growth as a performer and gained her more record sales. Nick Cannon had dated many famous singers including Christina Milan, who he proposed to. They're relationship ended. When it came time for Mariah to film a video for her single "Bye Bye" she recruited Nick to film to direct the video, and they became fast friends and realized that they had many things in common including spirituality, values, views about life, liking to have fun and knowing that there's a time and place for everything. 6 weeks later they got married in the Caribbean and they've been together ever since. What makes their relationship special is their love for each other. They always make time for each other despite living life as a bi-costal couple-Nick hosts a television show in California 3 times a week, while Mariah stays in New York recording in her pent house recording studio. Every year on their anniversary they renew their vows, and they celebrate each other birthdays with themes. They did endure many challenges. Mimi suffered a miscarriage and fell while pregnant with the couple's twins during a performance and while on a Christmas vacation, Nick was diagnosed with kidney failure and lupus nephritis. Despite those obstacles the couple are still happily married and still act like newly weds by sending loving and playful text messages to each other and have hot and passionate love and sex in their penthouse and on their private jet.

9. Mary J. Blige & Kendu Isaacs. When Mary J. Blige released her single "Be Happy" 19 years ago, it became a hit with many of her fans who were looking for happiness in their personal lives. Mary was also looking to be happy as well. Despite having hit records and making money and winning awards, The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul was battling depression, drug addiction and was in a physical abusive relationship with former label-mate K-CI Hailey of Jodeci who Mary recorded a duet with on her debut album. Mary held her own and fought back. After ending the relationship, she also began to take control of her career and continue to score many more hit albums and singles and was reported to have dated Singer/Songwriter Case and rapper Nas, but she also began to battle alcoholism to ease her pain. Enter songwriter/producer Kendu Isaac who she began to date, and who was serious that she quit drinking. Mary didn't take him seriously, until he told her that if she came home drunk one more time he would end their relationship for good. Sensing he was serious, she came straight home after a performance and began a process of healing and seeing that  she had a good man in her corner who cared about her as a person and not a famous singer. Their relationship grew and Mary began to love him, his kids and herself and shortly before Christmas 2003, the couple married in a private ceremony in their New Jersey home surrounded by family and the couple recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary.

10. DJ Baker & Eric J. Parker. Dubbed as the Black Gay Power couple by many in the LGBT/SGL community, DJ Baker and Eric J. Parker has been going strong as a couple for the past 5 years. The online podcast host/actor and the famous Socialite continues to strive to make their relationship work. After meeting at a show that DJ was co-hosting at the time, the two exchanged numbers and began to talk and got to know each other, but things began to get hot when the socialite was a guest on his famous award winning show and on Valentines Day 2008 they became a couple and made their announcement in a crazy way-they were caught making out in the VIP section at Alibis. What makes their relationship work is their open line of communication, playfulness, spending quality time together and having hot and passionate sex. DJ the self-proclaim famous top has always talked about how they love to please each other on his show, while 
Eric jokes about who really runs the relationships in and out the bedroom. They've had many obstacles but they continue to love each other and DJ is looking forward to buying Eric a ring. 

11. Carmelo & Lalah Vazqez-Anthony. Hip-Hop DJ/Producer is responsible for producing many hit records as well as discovering rapper Fabulous. He's also responsible for introducing his mutual friends DJ/Video Host/Actress Lalah Vazquez to NBA star Carmello Anthony at a party and it was that introduction that made them the industry's hottest and famous couples. After their introduction, Mello was getting started with is career and was busy partying and running the streets, while Lalah stood by him and allowed him to have his fun knowing that he had potential to grow as a person and that he was going to return to her. Mello despite running the streets with his boys still kept in touch with her and after realizing that she was the one decided to have a Jermaine Jackson moment by getting serious with Lalah and in 2004 he proposed to her, making their families and friends happy and eager for them to walk down the aisle. The couple decided to not to rush into marriage due to their busy careers and wanting to take the step when they believed the time was right for the two of them despite becoming parents of a son in 2007. In 2010 the couple finally tied the knot in New York City which was captured on Lalah's VH-1's hit show Lalah's Full Court Wedding and Lalah's Full Court Life. The couple became more popular when Mello signed to play with the New York Knicks making everybody in New York very happy including both of their fans. What makes their relationship work is spending quality time with each other by having date nights as well as time with their son. Another thing that keeps them happy the couple surprising each other and Mello's desire to stay home and smoke cigars which still has Lalah shocked. In an recent interview with Ebony Magazine, she revealed that he has a soul of a 65 year old and is into wine and art and don't be asking what party is popping. The couple also revealed how Lalah loves to keep their sex life active by not having planned and scheduled sex sessions.

12. Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. Award winning actors Angela Bassett and Courtney B Vance have known each other for many years starting back to when they both were beginning their professional careers in the theater and on silver screen. Many years later they resumed their friendship which blossomed into a loving relationship making them on of Hollywood's most famous, loved, admired and respected couples. What makes their relationship special is their spiritual foundation, love for each other and their ability and willingness to maintain private lives away from the media (both are naturally private individuals). The couple co-authored a best selling book about relationships and are the parents of a set of twins born via a surrogate. The couple is dedicated to maintaining their careers and a happy marriage.


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