Thursday, June 26, 2008


When I first met Eric J. Parker, I noticed how professional he conducted himself. Very professional and laid back. A week later at Alibi’s I saw him walking around greeting the guests, drinking, and getting his dance on when Original Destiny’s Child member Beyonce’s #68 Pop hit “Get Me Bodied” came on. He had the party turned out. That’s what he’s about. Throwing parties, and making people having fun
Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens Parker, who also wrote for Next Magazine, has been becoming a hot socialite by coordinating many parties, with themes that are interesting and innovative. I had the opportunity to speak with him at his home where we spoke about partying, and Brandy.

SUPREMEWRITER: Tell us who is Eric J. Parker?
ERIC: Eric J. Parker is this amazing work of art. He’s the guru of all kinds. He’ the creation of the New York Socialites. Eric J. Parker is the socialite.

SUPREMEWRITER: What made you decide to become a socialite?
ERIC: I guess it come with time as I started going to the parties and meeting other people. Being a socialite was something I was born to do, but I guess over the years I started to become that title by going to the party and meeting the necessary people.

SUPREMEWRITER: What are your duties as a socialite?
ERIC: A socialite is someone who knows how to work the room. Someone who can work with the best to be with the best. Who mingles with the best to be exact. Paris Hilton is the ultimate party socialite. She can go to a gay party. A straight party, A handicap party and make the room hers. A socialite is an entertainer. A personality. Either you got it or you don’t. That's what the New York City Socialites is.

SUPREMEWRITER: What parties have your thrown?
ERIC: We threw DJ Baker’s birthday party. We threw Jamal Tucker’s book release party; we threw our first “I Hate You’ party. We did the weekly S party that went down from January through April. We’re in the process of doing our one year anniversary party. We also did Pair unleashed at Flute Bar, which was a one time event. We did a lot of things within the year. We did Mantra kick off party. Eric J. Parker’s birthday party. We have Andre Elite’s salon grand opening. We did Baron’s pre-CD release party. Andre Elite and Baron are signed under our media company. Expect to see a lot of things.

SUPREMEWRITER: I attended the “I Hate Me” party, and it was fun. What inspired you to create a theme like that?
ERIC: What made me decide to throw the “I Hate You” party, was the mere fact that it was on Valentines Day, and for years, I was single before DJ came. There’s people who generally like Valentines Day. I’m not saying I’m not one of them; I do, but I was like let’s do something different? Why not do a different twist.
That’s what makes us different. That’s was a spear of the moment thing decision, and it wound up being that most amazing event. We even got photos of you partying. It was great.

SUPREMEWRITER: You’re also throwing a Grown and Sexy party this fall. What will that be like?
ERIC: Well the grown and sexy party will have three artists performing and a Hip-Hop fashion show. Right now, we got Baron to perform That’s gonna be a big performance for Baron to perform on one stage. The Grown and Sexy party is going to be for the grown and sexy elite to see what the socialites ware about We’re putting artists on blast showing what they’re capable of doing.

SUPREMEWRITER: Eric. You have a great idea. As you know, most party throwers parties that cater to the House and Hip-Hop music lovers, but we hardly have any promoters who throw parties for Gay men who enjoy dressing sexy and listening to R&B music and performers. What you think about that?
ERIC: I feel good about it. Like you said, there aren’t too many people in the gay community who work outside the box and I’m proud to say my company’s the first to do so and hopefully, all we can do is start a trend.

SIPREMEWRITER: What is the dress code for the party?
ERIC: The dress code for the grown and sexy is dress grown and sexy. Come casual. Come looking like a star. It’s your red carpet to shine. I’m in the process of having something real good. Hopefully things work out but it’s your night to shine; Show your grown and sexy colors.

SUPREMEWRITER: Who would you like to throw a party for?
ERIC: I would like to throw a party for Paris Hilton.

SUPREMEWRITER: I know that you’re a huge fan of Brandy. What do you admire about her?
ERIC: I admire Brandy. Everything. I admire her realness. She’s real and she’s talented. Very talented. She’s a great writer. She brings her realness to her music. That’s what I admire about her.

SURPEMEWRITER: I also heard you’re planning on returning back to acting.
ERIC: Eventually in the future. That’s a though. Everybody who knows me, know I’m an actor, but I think in a couple of years, I’ll get back into acting perhaps after I established this company.

SUPREMEWRITER: Last question. You and DJ Baker have been dating for almost five years. How do you manage to maintain a relationship while pursuing your careers in entertainment?
ERIC: you know it’s all about communication and trust. The key words that DJ says are communication, trust, honesty, respect and chemistry. Like those are the five things we need in a relationship to make it last and I’m grateful to have someone in my life. It’s just being honest with that person.

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