Monday, October 13, 2008


I had the opportunity to attend the Gay Erotic Expo this weekend, and I was able to take a picture with one of the models who was passing out copies of HX Magazine. Not only did he have a nice body (I have a thing for men who has nice chests), he had a nice personality and was very down to earth.
Later that afternoon, after squeezing through the crowd (hopefully they will have the expo in a larger area and have more ethnic companies there), I walked over to a table and saw three sexy models at a table smiling and greeting the guests. Let me rephrase that, they were being more flritatious with a White man while one gave me mixed actions. Even though this model was nice looking and plesant, he could have been more respectful and professional.

This particular post is one of many I've been wanting to write for a long time, but never got around to doing so. Now that I have the opportunity, inspiration and heart, I will write how I feel about many public figures, who feel they can treat and talk to anybody they want to. I've met and interviewed many singers, rappers, authors and adult film stars, and I was blessed to have good experiences with them, but there are some I've met who feel that the world owes them something.

2 years ago durng Gay Pride day, I met a group of models and purchased their calendars and get photographs. When they arrived, I purchased the calendar, got autographs, and photographs with them, and they were very nice. All but one, who I don't know, may have woked up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. I asked him for an autograph, and he said he would be with me in a moment. He wanted to cater to the females who were there, and I allowed him to give them autographs and take photographs with them. A few minutes later, I got his autograph and asked him for a photo. I went to put my arm on his shoulder, and he got an attitude
"OOh! Don't touch me!" he screamed.
I was shocked at his attitude. It wasn't like I grabbed his dick and ass; I just simply put my arm on his shoulder like I did with the other models who had no problem. Especially since they pose with females and males at events.
A former associate cussed him out
"You got some damn nerve being shady, yet my boy paid for your motherfucking calendar!" he said disgusted at his behavoir.

A few months ago, I was at a club when I saw this former porn star who I met before he entered the industry. We danced and I spoked to him about appearing on DA DOO Dirty show. Afterwards, he was like "I'm thirsty, buy me a drink!"
I was totally shocked at his command and outburst. This isn't the same kid I met at an awards dinenr, who spoke about the importance of showing and receiving respect. I said to myself. I didn't get him the drink for two reasons
1. My money was low
2. His attitude.

My nice nature began to eat at my conscience after the second incident; I left the club feeling bad at not telling him no, but after I re-examined the incident and spoke to a few friends, I realized that I had did the right thing. Especially since he didn't ask me in a nice manner to buy him a drink.

Being in the public eye has many pros and cons. The pros are being famous, recognized, and being able to travel the world, and experience other cultures, but the cons are constanly not having the ability to have quality time with family, friends, partners, and making sure a person isn't trying to hang because of their status or materialistic items they have, and it's hard to cater and please everyone, but there are things that are totally unexcusable such as being nice to certain fans because of their looks and physique, while overlooking the one's who may be full-figured and laid-back because they may be the ones who buys their products and they could be journalist and bloggers who will put you on blast.

The point: show respect because you the person who is getting shade thrown at them may be the ones who could help end and (may-be) re-start your career.

Songs inspired for this post

Performed by Patra and Lynn Collins-The Sultry Siren of Funk
Written by James Brown-Lynn Collins & Patra
1993 Epic Records

Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)
Performed by The Temptations
Written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong
Produced by Norman Whitfield
1972 Gordy Records

After All This Time
Performed by Simon Webbe
2005 Innocent/Virgin Records

Runnin' Back To You
Performed by Vanessa Williams
1991 Wing/Mercury Records

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