Sunday, October 26, 2008


When Noah’s Arc first premiered on Logo three years ago, many Gays made it a habit to be home on Wednesday night to see what adventures Noah (Daryl Stevens), Alex, (Rodney Chester) Chance (Doug Spellman) and Ricky (Christian Vincent) would get into as well as how they were able to resolve conflicts and situations to help them heal. The did well in the ratings department, but when the series were canceled indefinitely, many fans were pissed to the point of having a petition send the network to bring the series back, Well Logo and the show’s creator decided to have the series into a movie, "Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom" which has fans turning out in large numbers to support, and I have to say the movie is excellent and tackles issues dealing with relationships, trusts and maturity.
The film begins with Alex, Chance, Ricky, and his date Brandon (played by Gary LeRoi Gray, who played Nelson in “The Cosby Show”). arriving in Mass chutes to help coordinate Noah and Wade’s (Jessen Atwood) wedding on his family’s property, and as soon as they enter the main house, they begin to chat while sassy Alex informs them of their responsibilities for the weekend. Afterwards Noah and Wade have a quiet moment on the patio where they hug and kiss while Noah expresses him gratitude and appreciation to Wade for allowing them to get married on his family’s property.
‘My grand father left this house to all of us” Wade says as he holds Noah close to him, before their mood of intimacy is ruined when Noah receives a phone call from his boss Brandy, who’s bitches at Noah for not receiving the script and for not receiving an invitation for the wedding.
“That’s the 5th time she called” Wade says with disgust in his voice.
Noah decides to text the information of where the nuptials take place, thinking she’s not going to attend.
“She won’t attend” Noah assures Wade as they return to the house to get their assignments from Alex, whose sassiness lights up the scene. Especially when he refers to Brandon as Ricky’s trick and while they’re at the dinner praying where Noah, and Brandon catches Ricky in his tramp mode kissing the property’s care taker. After dinner Brandon speaks to Alex about being coming to grips about his sexuality and being inspired to come out to his mother after seeing a bunch of Black Gay men being loving towards each other.
“Just make sure the choice you’re making is laying down the foundation” Alex tells Brandon before he gives him two boxes of condoms.
As Brandon walks up stairs, he sees Ricky holding Noah by his waist while they speak about the pros and cons of marriage, before Wade intervenes and informs Ricky that he’s stepping on his territory. A few minutes later, Ricky enter the room and sees Brandon’s profile on a non-sex site, and complains about marriage, while Brandon calls him mother and comes out to her, which has her pissed and him crying, and instead of Ricky being sensitive about the situation, he leaves him for a hook-up with a white man which turns out to be a bad thing; in addition to refusing to kiss, he forces Ricky to such him off, and while he’s going down on Ricky, a police car spots them and takes Ricky into custody, while Brandon reaches out to Chance and Eddie (who’s jealous of him) for comfort and wind up sharing the bed while Alex checks on Tre who’s in California watching their two-month old child they adopted.
The next day, Wade explodes when British Rapper/Actor Baby Gat (played by Jason Steele) makes an surprise visit and tries to win over Noah’s heart with flowers and gifts, while Brandy informs Noah’s she’s in town for a Party that Puffy is having at a new home he brought in the area and she wants him to show Gat hospitality so he can play in the movie he’s working on. Wade also walks out to the patio and let Noah knows that his friends aren’t too fond of him, forcing Noah to let him know that it’s going to take time for them to become close and that if he wants to marry him, let him know and before Noah can finish his sentence, Wade grabs and kisses him. One funny part of the film is when Gat and Alex read each other, and when Brandon informs him that he filmed Gat’s undercover activities and that he can easily post it on You Tube if Gat tries to disrupt the wedding. A sad moment is when Eddie tries to reminisce about his days playing in a music group and when Chance reminds Eddie he wasn’t too thrilled about his short-lived music career, he gets slapped in the face, causing the audience to give mixed reactions from the audience.
Another fun moment was when Noah, Brandon and Chance begins to vogue in the living room before they head to their separate Bachelors party, which has some nice edits of them speaking about various topics including, sexual roles, body image, using condoms while being in long term monogamous relationships, but the fun begins to end when Noah who’s drunk decides to call his future mother-in-law and informs her that Wade would love for her to be at their wedding, and when Brandon reveals to Wade and Eddie how Ricky really has feelings for Noah which confirms Wade’s suspicions of why Ricky was always flirting with him. The bachelor party gets wild when Brandy and Gat crashes, and Gat does everything to have a fling with Noah, who resists his urges despite being kissed and being dragged into the hot tub, while Chances makes out with Brandon after he informs Eddie their relationship is over, but the hottest and touching moments are when Noah catches Ricky kissing Wade, and when Alex admits to Noah that he’s in risk of losing Tre due to his dominating and controlling mouth. Noah commends him for acknowledging the problem, and encourages him to continue to learn to be more of a listener, while he encourages Chance and Eddie to work on more communication as well as telling Brandon that he can rely on his friends for being his family if his parents refuses to accept him for being who he is.
The movie ends with both the grooms parents attending, and while Noah’s mother is happy, Wade’s mother was shocked that her son was gay, and how Wade stood up to her and let her know that if she doesn’t want to accept his son’s decision, that she can leave. She tells him that somebody has to pay for the cab and Gat decides to pay in a way of showing his appreciation and gratitude., before they dance at the reception.

The movie was very great, uplifting and encouraging. I like how Patrick was able to tackle important issues that many in the Gay community deal with on a daily basis, and how people can solve them and live healthier lives. I commend him for showing Ricky’s and Alex’s sensitive sides as well as showing how mature Brandon was. Especially when he tells Ricky “though I’m only 19, I know what real love is.“ It though it would have been nice had he included music by openly Gay Singers and rappers in the film to show how far gays are coming in the industry,

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