Friday, March 13, 2009


Check it.
You rolled into Brooklyn to compete in a contest.
You had to work hard to set yourself apart from the other contestants
You did. Actually, your set was hot, sexy. creative, and wet. (And you was looking mad hot in those Black Timbs).
You got lots of tips, touches, a couple of oohs and ahhs. I'm lying; you got lots of oohs and ahhs, from many in the club, including one male, who admired your performance as well as gave you a compliment while you ordered a drink from the bar.
"Good show" he said as he admired your nice pyshique
You thanked him, and asked for him to vote for you when it came time for the crowd to pick the winner.
"Of course" he said excitedly as the sexy bartender handed the admirer his Southern Comfort and Cranberry.
When it came time for us to vote for the winner, you got many screams from many admirers (including the admirer, who screamed a couple of octaves higher than the females in the club). Espcially when the sexy hostess asked you and another competitor to have an improtu dance-off. It's a shame that you didn't win, but there were many who felt you should have, and when the admirer complimented you for your performance, you seemed you took out your frustrations out on him for no appearant reason.
You may not won the prize money, but you won something else; a group of admires who will speak about your performance, and the hard work you did. Losing isn't fun for anybody. Including the admirer, who though put in hard work for many projects, that he has worked on, lost out and yes he was hurt, pissed and disappointed, but the thing that boosted his spirits was the love, and support he received from many who not only felt that he should have won or gotten a higher score, who also told him that his work was excellent and not to give up, and thoat motivate him to work harder.
Also remember those who showed you love and gave you support and money, instead of getting upset with them because they saw something in your performance that got them excited to the point of showing you love and support because word of mouth can be the best and worst form of publicity a person can receive.
Just Reach and keep striving for excellence, but never get mad to the point where you take your anger on your admires. Especially the ones who was impressed, captiivated and amazed by your performance.

Song inspired for this post

Performed by Noel Gourdin
2008 Epic Records

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