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I said we out to tell them about their evil ways
I know they'll get and turna round and say
We're not alone out here
Cause women do it to
I said
2 wrongs don't make it right
They pay the price like you too.
Performed by Gladys Knight

Turns you down darlin'
Says you're nothin' at all
(Nothin' at all)
I'll pick you up darlin
(When you fall, fall, fall)
When she lets you fall
You're like a diamond
But she treats you like glass
If I Was Your Womay
Performed by Alicia Keys

My man out fuckin' another bitch
Gonna come home and serve his leftover bullshit
I'm not the bitch that get mad
I get even
Kick him out bitch
Yea cuz I ain't leaving
Fuck A Man
Performed by B.W.P.

I can tell you're lying
Because when you're replying
You're stutter, stutter, stutter
Performed by Joe

Since the situation that happened with Chris Brown and Rhinna occured, many celebrities, fans and community acitivists have voiced their concerns and opinons about the night they had that fight after the American Music Award winning couple music legend Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Award party. Many celelbrities including Oprah Winfrey and her best girlfriend Gayle King has lash out against him (of course being that the're both narrowmined heifers) as well as Rhianna's boss, mentor Jay-Z who called Brown a walking deadman (he rarely gives interviews or statements) while many including Ray-J, Kimora Lee-Simmons and Natalie Cole, decided not to take sides and offer both of the Pop stars love and prayers.

I decided to name the title of this blog after a saying that means if you're gonna punish one person, then the other should receive the same amont as well as the same treatment. Many radio stations decided to ban Chris' music after the photo of Rhinna was released over the internet, and though I was shocked and upset at the photo and how he attacted her, I felt that it wasn't fair for radio to ban his music especially when other celebrities have been guilty for doing the same thing and worse.

In 1989, Manager Sharon Osborne had her husband and client Rock star Ozzy Osborne arrest for assualt after he came home and choked her while he was high on cocaine and alcohol.

In 1991, Producer Dr. Dre attaced rapper/talkshow host Dee Barnes at a party in California. The former host of "Pump It Up" had interviewed him, MC Ren, DJ Yella and Eazy-E and asked them what down with former group member Ice Cube. She later interviewed Cube, who didn't hold back on what down, and wanting to be fair, she had asked her executive producer not to air certain parts of Cube's interview, but they aired it anyway, which cause Dre to get furious, and attack her when he saw her at a party. According to an interview on VH-1 and police reports, the award winning producer and rapper, grabbed her, slammed her against a wall and had security to prevent fans from rescuing her. When she fled to the rest room, he followed her and slammed her face against a mirror. After she filed her multi-million dollar suit. former group members Eazy-E and Ren went to the press saying 'the bitch deserved it, and we hope it happens again.
Their videos were played by BET, while the group's album "Niggaz4life" topped the Pop album charts, and a year later, radio played his solo single "Deep Cover."
Dre pleaded no contest, was ordered to pay a fine and was placed on probation, while Barnes received a six figure settlement, and an apology.
Rapper Tim Dogg addressed the issue in his solo debut single "Fuck Compton" which topped the Rap singles charts for three weeks and in interviews with the press.

Singer/producer R.Kelly marries teenage singer Aaliyah and is arrested for having sex with a minor.
When R. Kelly was asked to write and produce singer Aaliyah's debut album "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number," he did more than give her a classic album, he gave her his hand in marriage. He married the niece of Gladys Knight who was 14 at the time, and when the media caught wind, it was quickly and quietly annulled, and neither has ever spoke on the subject. 8 years later, a video tape surfaced of the singer having sex with a underage girl who he had also urinated on. While Kelly denined that him on the tape, there were many including his brother and former portuge Sparkle who comfirm it was him, with the later, testifying against Kelly as well as informing the courts and media about him having sex with her underage niece.
Result; many radio stations continued to play his music and videos, but when Michael Jackson was arrested for child molestation, many stations banned his music, which forced many fans to attack the stations (especially Black stations) for being unfair by playing Kelly's music, but banning Jackson's music.

Former childstar Mark Everett was wanted for killing his girlfriend and abducting their son.
Mark Everett had became a child star by appearing in numerous commercials and movies including "Pee Wee's Playhouse" but the time he reached the age of 18, his acting days came to an end due to his use of drugs. He later began to work odd jobs and later met and fell in love with Stepahnie Spears, who gave birth to their son Benjamin, and was unaware of his past of being a child star. Things began great, but later became rocky, when Spears began to excell in college as well as receive scholarships, which made Everett jealous and force her to end their relationship on fathers day in 2004. One night while she was sleep, he tried to take their son, but when she woke up and confronted him, he attacked and killed her with a dumbell and fled with their son, who he had living in bad conditions and places where roaches were at. John Walsh from America's Most Wanted wanted him to be arrested and for the past four years, the show have received many tips of their whereabouts, and in December of last year, the police was called to a Mexican resturant where people a man acting suspicious with a boy who turned out to be Everett, who according to reports held his son in a head lock and threatned to kill him during a hostage situation for 2 hours. Police evacuated the area, threw a bomb into the resturant and got involved in a shoot out that killed Everett and injured his son, who is being cared for by his maternial granmother who plan on having him seek theapry to heal.

For years, we have heard stories about men being violent people, but there are many females who abuse, and kill people, but the media doesn't report that as much as they report on men who harm and like Gladys Knight says in her # 2 R&B hit "Men," two wrongs don't make it right. They pay the price like you too.

The first time I heard about women beating their husbands was in 1985 when I was watching an episode of divorce court. A football player was seeking a divorce from his wife on the grounds of physical and mental cruelty and aduletry, while the wife was seeking on the grounds of mental cruelty. During the middle of the trial, the wife got mad when one of the witness had testified about her behavior. She was so loud that the Judge had to ask her lawyer to control her. She got up from the table, and ran towards her husband who tried to confront her, and she responded by punching him in the face and knocking him over the rail. Outraged and shocked, the judge ordered the baliff to restrain the wife, who was screaming 'Let me go!! Let me go!!
The judge granted both parties their divorce and with the behavior the wife displayed he was able to keep the house and cars, and most of the assets.

Ten years ago when Whitney Houston was interviewed by Ebony Magazine, she was asked if her ex-husband Bobby Brown ever hit her. Her answer was 'Bobby doesn't hit me. I hit him." Bobby added in an interview with Vibe Magazine in 2006 by saying that he had video footage of Whitney beating on him and he also added that there are men who are victims of physical abuse.

Last October, a Harlem was arrested and charged with killing her son's father while the son was in his room waiting to go trick-or-treating. The mother was mad because her ex-boyfriend didn't buy their son a winter coat, so she stabbed him with a kitchen knife and he died shortly after he fleed the apartment to try to get help. Prior to the incident, he had went to the police and informed them that she had threw bleach in his face and threatened him with a hammer, and when the cops told him to file a restraining order against the child's mother, he refused because he feared that the mother would be arrested and his son would be placed in foster care. The late father's family and friends were upset at what happened because he had planned on giving his ex the money to purchase the coat.

These are examples of things that occured and how people chose to show favortism of which story and person deserves symphaty and who's doesn't. The few times I watched Oprah's show (when my favorite celebritiy wasn't a guest), she always talking about men who treat women bad and always wants to blast Hip-Hop artists for degrading women, but she's never interviwed any of the rappers who record positive songs like KRS-1, Public Enemy, Common (who performed on her show with Jamie Foxx), Talib-Kweli and D-Nice. Plus she's also had comedian/actor Chris Rock on her show several times, who's known for using the term Bitch in his routines. What's the difference between him and rappers who use the word? She never got on Chris Rock for using the word, but she had the audacity to come down on Ludacris, who refers to both sexes with that word, but listens to 50 Cent on her I-Pod. I wonder how she feels knowking that Gospel singer BeBe Winans was arrested for assualting his ex-wife.

I remember the situation when Dr. Dre attack Dee Barnes. There were lots of Black males, who wrote to magazines and spoke among many about the situation and many of them was saying that if he didn't like what Cube said about him and the group, he should have stepped to him instead of attacking Barnes, who didn't want them to continue feuding. There were some jounralist, however who asked rapper Tim Dogg about him dissing Dre's ex-girlfriend Mich'elle in his hit "Fuck Compton" and Tim said that if Dre was a man, he would respond, but if he wasn't, he would keep quiet, and he also said that he was wrong for what he did to Barnes as well.

As for women, there are many women who commit crimes, (with the exception of America's Most Wanted) they don't get much coverage. Why is that? Is it because women are suppsoed to be preceived as being weak, timid and submissive? Please! There are many females who are very possesive, jealous, insecure and rude, and have this attitude that I can disrespect my man, but he can't do shit to me. Yet when the man strikes back, they call the cops and get them arrested, and they get pissed when the man decides that he's had enough and leaves, the chick gets mad calling him all types of foul names, and wanna disrespect his family, friends and new love, who most likely had gotten out of a bad relationship and decides to have his back like he has hers. For years, I've always heard chicks complain about the lack of good men in the world, but as soon as they find one who treats them good, they dog him out. Females are just as bad when it comes to stalking as much as men are when it comes to their ex's leaving them for being crazy as well. I've heard men always talk about being tired of women wanting money and sex from them, but yet, when they see a lady who captures their attention, they go all out to impress them buy spending money on them as well as laying down the pipe in the bedroom and bragging about how what they got as far as materialistic items and possessions. Plus they always say they wanna a chick who's mad cool, but yet they go after the wild ones who be making scenes out in public without caring who's noticing their immature behavior.

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and not take anysides. I wanted to express my opionons about things in life and I feel that nobody has the right to be mistreated; a man ain't got no right hitting on a woman and a woman ain't got no right smacking and grabbing a man either. The common ground is respect for each other and to not attack one particular group of people without showing the other group's faults and flaws.

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