Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know those sayings success is the revenge and look who has the last laugh?
Well many singers and rappers were caught in dramatic situations that caused the media to have field days with their situations as well as put fans in akward situations as to wonder who should they beleive or support. Well the situations these artist were in showed the industry and the world that artist who have heart, strenght and good character comes out on top, while the fans have the last laugh.
Here are my choices

1. LeToya Luckett-Original member of multi-platnium sellling group Destiny's Child.
Ten years ago, when BET premiered the group's video for their Grammy-Award winning hit "Say My Name," many kept their eyes glued to the television set, and when it came to the part where the ladies was doing a famous rolling routine, many including Luckett and La-Tavia Roberson were shocked to learn that they were replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin without the proper notification. Luckett and Robertson had issues with management, and when they wrote Matthew a letter saying that they wanted to get seperate managers to help have better communication, Matthew became scared, and instead of handling the situation as a mature adult, he replaced them, which forced them to hit him, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland-Knowles and Columbia Records with lawsuits. The result; both ladies received a settlement for an undisclosed amount, royalties from both of the group's albums as well as their greatest hits CD and a Grammy for "Say My Name" considering the fact that they co-wrote the song and sang background on it.
Success Story: Le-Toya opened a boutique, starting performing at malls, houseparties, and earned a record deal with Captiol Records, and in 2006, her solo album "LeToya" debutted at # 1 on the album charts, while her single "Torn" was named the Top ASCAP single of 2006, due to the sampling of The Stylistics' classic ballard "You Are Everything." The song's video was also # 1 on 106 & Park for 2 months making her the first female to have a video retire since Aaliyah, and the only member of Destiny's Child to have a # 1 video on the BET show. She's also starrred in a play, released her second album "Lady Love" and has two movies dropping this year.
The Last Laugh: LeToya showed the world (and Matthew) that she can sing and she don't have to shake or show her ass to have success.

2. Naturi Naughton-Original member of Award winning trio 3LW
Shortly after the trio dropped their second album, fans started to see the group appear on televison shows without Naturi, leaving many to wonder why she left. Turns out that she didn't like the group and management ideas of having a sexy image considering the fact that they were in their mid teens at the time. She felt that they should grow into womanhood and when they get to a certain age, then go with the sexy look. They was against it, and group members threw made shade at her and caused drama, but the turning point came when they threw mash potatoes in her hair during an arguement at KFC. She filed a lawsuit against the group and management, but decided to take the Vanessa Williams route and drop it, thinking success is the best revenge.
Success Story: She returned to high school, went to college and scored a role in the hit play "Hairspray" with Tevin Campbell and when Sister2Sister founder Jamie Foster Brown saw her at castmate Darlene Love's birthday party, she scheduled an interview with Naturi, who finally gave her side of what went down, and informed the journalist how nobody ever asked for her side of the story. Once the story hit, she received lots of fan support and love, but that was the tip of the iceberg. A year later, she landed the role of a lifetime; portraying Grammy-Award winning rapper Lil' Kim in the hit movie "Notorious" winning more than rave reviews, despite receiving flack from Queen Bee, who felt that she was too Black to play her (In other words, too dark). She also started in the ramake of the classic "Fame" and scored her first solo hit with her rendition of the song.
Last Laugh: Naturi took the high road and starred in a hit musical and two blockbuster films and blossomed into a beautiful woman, while her bandmates are typecasted as Cheeta Girls.

3. Christina Aguleria-Grammy Award winning Soul/Pop singer/Songwriter.
When Chirstina released her first single "Genie In A Bottle," many teenagers was drawn to her looks, while their parents and grandparents were drawn to her Soulful voice. "That girl got Soul" was the response many adults said after hearing her sing. They were right. The Half Latin/Half White singer honed her chops by performing on the Mickey Mouse club and listening to the music of Billie Holiday, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and James Brown, but her record label wanted to capitlize on the growing Teen Pop market and they had her do songs that was catering to that market as well as having her redo songs in lower ranges, while her former manager had her doing a series of one-nighters that left Christina, her band, dancers and crew physically exhausted. Her wardrobe stylist even said that she had to constanly alter everybody's stage costumes everynight. Things changed when her current managers intervened and told her label the tour was going to be officially canceled for health concerns.
Success Story: After scoring a hit with the remake of the Labelle classic "Lady Marmalade" with Mya, Pink and Lil'Kim the critics began to take notice of her R&B roots, but the label wanted her to contiue being a Pop tart. Christina told her label that she wanted to have more creative control of her next album and she wanted to have more of an R&B and Rock flavor. In other words; she gave RCA an ultimatium; either let me do it my way or let me out my contract! The label granted honored her request and shen she released "Stripped" in the fall of 2002, it became her biggest selling album to date thanks to the hits "Dirrty" and "Beautiful." 5 years later, she performed a soul wrenching tribute to James Brown by performing his classic "It's A Mans World" at the 2007 Grammy Awards.
Last Laugh: Christina showed the industry that music needs to be color-blind and that nobody should have to be placed in a category because of their skin color or gender.

4. Jennifer Hudson-Oscar-Grammy Award winning singer/actress
When Jennifer Hudson appeared on the 3rd season of American Idol, many felt that she was going to win. She lost that title to Fantasia, Simon told her that she wouldn't succed. Jennifer handled it with class, thanking him for the opportunity.
Sucess Story: Jennifer auditioned for the role of Effie White in the film "Dreamgirls" and after being called back several times, she beated out many hopefuls including Fantasia, and not only did the movie become a hit, she became a overnight sensation, winning several awards including an Golden Globe (where she acknowledge the late Supremes' founder Florence Ballard), and an Oscar for best supporting actress. She also performed the movie's theme "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" with the original Effie herself; Jennifer Holiday on the 207 BET Awards.
2 years later, Jennifer was presented with A Grammy-Award by her idol Whitney Houston last year, giving her comfort after the death of her maother, brother and newphew.
Last Laugh: She showed Simon that talented and sexy full-figured women can succeed, and you can't keep a good and grand woman down.

5. Adam Lambert-American Idol contestant, and popular singer
Adam Lambert auditioned and competed on American Idol winning the fans and judges including hard to impress Simon, who couldn't say anything bad about him. Simon even complimented the theatre trained singer for his voice and style, and though he made it to the top 2, he wasn't crowned the next American Idol. He did however, secured a record deal and an exclusive cover story for Rolling Stone Magazine where he revealed he was gay. When he performed on the American Music Awards, he gave one hot performance; he kissed his male keyboardist on the lips and placed his head in two of his dancer's crouches. His performance was too hot for ABC to the point where his appearance on "Good Morning America" was canceled.
Success Story: The Early show asked him to appear on their program, and he was later interviewed by Barbra Walters, who he told "yes I'm a homosexual. Deal with it!
Last Laugh: People are starting to finally realize that once you mess woth the gays, you're gonna have consequences to suffer.

6. Pleasure P-Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and former lead vocalist of Hip-Hop/R&B Group Pretty Ricky.
Pleasure P's strong helped the sexy horny toads score two gold albums and several hits including "Grind On Me," "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number," and "On The Hotline," and performing on major tours arund the world, but by the end of their
2007 tour, Pleasure left the group and sued it's manager for non-payment of royalites and tour money, and secured a solo deal.
Success Story: Plesure released his solo debut The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, scored three hits and Grammy Nominations, and respect as a solo artist, and unlike many who bash their former group members, he took the high road and refuses to judges or talk bad about them as people.
"It's my daddy I fell out with, but I'll always love my brothers" he told Jet Magazine in 2007.
Last Laugh: He was able to do well

7. Mark Curry-Rapper/songwriter and former artist on Bad Boy Records
When aspiring rapper/songwriter Marc Curry met Sean Puffy Daddy Combs in the mid
1990's, he beleived that he was going to become a successful multi-million dollar rapper. He had wrote songs for Puffy and made guest appearances on many of the label's album cuts and singles, creating a buzz and fan base who was anticipating the release of his own solo album. Sadly that never happen. Curry found himself teaching Puffy how to rap and whenever he asked when he would be able to record his album, he was told to wait and it wasn't the right time. Curry later learned that there was no intention for the label to release an album on him and after many years of fighting, he decided to leave the label and industry.
Success Story: After being forced to retire, fans who recognized him wanted to know why he didn't release an album and they also wanted to know the real deal about Puffy and his label. That inspired him to write a book about his experiences with Puffy, who dismissed the book along with Wendy Williams who claims that his story is irrelevant. There were many however who were interested in what he had to say, and while the book didn't become a blockbuster, it began to circulate into book stores such as Borders, Barnes & Nobels, and the Hue-Man book store.
Last Laugh: All comebacks doesn't have to be big and major, and Marc Curry showed people that he had the heart and balls to pen his life story and how shady Puffy is, and whether or not the book becomes a bestseller, the main thing is that the truth is out.

8. Janet-Award winning Icon
Janet Jackson has been a star since she was a child. From acting to singing, she has blossomed into a talented star and sexy woman. In 2004 her career was almost derailed due to an wardrobe malfunction. At the 2004 Superbowl, she and Nsyench lead singer Justin Timberlake performed a performance of Justin's solo hit "Rock Your Body" and right after he sang the line 'you'll be naked by the end of this song' he grabbed her bra off and exposed her breast when in reality he was supposed to grab the leather part of. He got too horny. Many people called in complaining while President Bush added his two cents in. The saddest event that happened with Justin punking out and not showing the Icon who gave his group the opprtunity to open up for her during her Velvet Rope tour, while the Grammy Awards wanted both to appear on the show and apologize. Justin obliged, while Janet refused being that she gave a public apology a few days after the superbowl, which resuleted in the show preventing her from taking part in a tribute to Luther Vandross and many Black Entertainers boycotting and protesting about the unfair treatment the legendary Icon was being treated
Success Story: Miss Janet celebrated her 40th birthday two years later by releasing her long-awaited album "20 Y.O." and rocking the Today Show and the Billboard Music Awards, showing the crowd that she's moved on and you need to focus on the music.
Last Laugh: Miss Janet's current CD Number Ones made history be being one of the first CD's to be released whee all the singles hit # 1 with her current single "Make Me" hitting # 1 on the Dance charts.