Monday, January 4, 2010


Since I'm up, I midas well post somethings I've had on my mind onto this blog.
It seems that people wanna throw shade at President Obama for his reaction about the Nigerian who tried to blow up an airplane headed towards Detroit during the Christmas holiday.

I've heard crazy comments like he wasn't wearing a neck-tie to why did it take him along time to address the issue, to he was to laid-back during his speech.

Give the man credit; People need to be grateful that he took time from his vacation to address the issue and admit that they were mistakes made during the screening of the terrorist and futhter investigation is going to be done.

Barbra Walters calling Michael Jackson's kids mysterious.
I thought that was very tacky for an established journalist to refer to the late Motown Legend and music Icon's kids with that title.
Michael knew what it was like having being chased and followed by photographers, and he and ex-wife Debbie Rowe wanted to create an loving and normal envoirment for his kids, and having their faces covered with makes was a great move to keep the press for trying to cash in on the kids, who were raised well. Whenever I watch the clip of Michael's daughter Paris speaking at the memorial, you can say that her daddy raised her and her brothers right, and I would hope Barbra would show his kids some respect and exept the fact that they're biologically his.

Adam Lambert appearing on the Barbra Walters count down. I liked how he conducted himself and said that whoever he sleeps with doesn't take away from his talent and that people need to deal with him being a homosexual.
I don't get how ABC felt his performance on the American Music Awards was too much, but when Madonna was interviewed on ABC about her "Justify My Love" video, they showed the video in it's entirety uncut and unceansored.

The coverage of Actress/singer Alaina Hall.
When I learned that the star of "227" had died from breast cancer, I was shocked to learned that many of the media outlets including BET didn't mentioned it until many people started to write about it on Face bok and their blogs. It was the true fans, who got the ball rolling, and though I'm sorry that actress Britney Murphy had died, Alainia should have gotten the same amount of coverage being that she was a legend who paved the way for many to today's starlettes.

The MTA attempting to elimante student train and bus passes.
They've been trying to do this stupid act for years, but it always fail.
With billions of people ridng the trasnit on a daily bases, there's really no excuse why the system is always strapped for cash. Trying to eliminate the student fare passes ain't gonna help them get anymore money.
A bad move since many white kids who attend private school in the city rely on public trasnportaion, and when their parents have to use the money they give them for their video games to buy them a monthly metro card, they're gonna get started turning into bad kids and when they start robbing and stealing, it's gonna be hell. Plus most kids from rich families be the main ones partaking in crazy activites such as drinking, smoking, doing drugs and having sex.
IF they wanna help save the system, they need to show Obama the books and stop spending the moeny recklessly and put it to good use

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