Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was having an conversation with my Godfather this evening and hea asked me about his favorite British singer Craig David.
"He's workking on new material" I told him.
Wjile we were talking I begasn to reflect on how many artist from over seas (London, Austrailia, Belgium and Africa) made an impact and invaded the states with theri music and since I'm a huge lover of international artist I decided to post a list of my favorite overseas artists

1. Selwyn-First R&B singer to emerge from Austrialia
2. Simon Webbe-British Soul/Folk singer/songwriter/actor and member of UK group Blue
3. Dizze Rascal-British Garage/Hip-Hop MC/producer
4. Dido-British singer/songwriter who sang the hook of her hit "Thank You' on Ememien's hit record "Stan" which created a buzz and forced Arista Records to rerelease her debut album in the states.
5. Akala-British rapper/producer/CEO and the first rapper to perform in Vietnam
6. Human Nature-Austrialian Pop/Soul group, who finally conquered the United States with their ramake of the Barbra Strisand-Barry Gibb classic "Guilty" with rapper Kelly K.A.E. and their 3 CD's of Motown classics.
7. Blue. British Pop/Soul group who scored several hits and recently reunited after taking time off to pursue solo career with Simon Webbe becoming the most successful member.
8. V.S, A group formed by Singer Simon Webbe, who disbanded after they were dropped from their record label. They did record a album called "All Kinds of Trouble" and a hit with the ballad "Love You Like Mad" the group consisted of three males and two females who could singer, rap and dance.
9. Criag David. Award winning and nominated Brithsih singer/songwriter and occasional rapper, who was overlooked by many awrd shows in Britian, which caused many acts including Elton John and U2 to protest.
10. S Club 7 A Pop/Soul group who became a household name with their relevision show and break through hit "Never Had A DreaAm Come True" which peaked at # 10 on the US Pop Charts and did well on the US Adult Comptemporary Charts.

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