Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Whenever Kaoz drops singles and does collabs with other artists, many in the lgbt music scene always expects him the drop hot joints that are entertainment and uplifting. Well the Minnieapolis-based Out rapper's collab with J'Fuzion didn't leave us disappointed with his latest single "Standing." In fact, many in the commuity are saying that this is one of his hottest joints to date and I can see why. The song has hot beats, strings, breaks, horn riffs, and samples of Elton John's 1984 classic "I'm Still Standing" and Della Reese's line from the classic film "Harlem Nights" adding a fierce combo of Hip-Hop, Gospel and Dance. Also giving the song fire is the call and response with Kaoz saying still I rise and the looping of John's vocals as well as Kaoz's flow and his intelligent lyrics.

I'm Still standing
Yo! Still I rise
Still I rise
I'm still standing
Still I rise.
Yo! Last but not least
Gay men ain't the beast
That shit needs to cease
Who else in society gets beaten on the streets
For their express of love always generate the heat

This joint is really hot and it's also a joint that Gays needs to listen put on their I-pods and bump at their prides, balls and shows to help them see that they can overcome obstacles as well as know that there are talented Openly Gay Rappers like Kaoz can spit hot verses as well as represent for the Gay community.

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