Monday, March 5, 2012


Before Soul/Pop Legend Whitney Houston passed away, she had many projects in the works. She had finished filming the remake of the classic film "Sparkle" with Jordan Sparks and was planning on recording a new album. She has also signed on to star in the sequel to the hit film "Waiting To Exhale" with Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lelah Rochon, but with the award-winning legend's untimely passing, many had wondered if production of the movie was going to stop or continue with Houston? Studio executives have decided to go on with Houston.“It’s almost in [Houston's] honor that we think to soldier on,” Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler told Vulture which was the first to report the news about the studio's decision to carry on. Galber also revealed that plans to feature Oprah Winfrey a huge supporter of Exhale to take Houston's spot.
I personally don't see Oprah playing Houston's character Savannah, because except for playing a thearpist on the Ellen Degenerus show, the former talk show host hadn't play any roles other than a wife and single mother living in the ghetto. Houston had the sass and sophistication to play Savannah an 33 year-old television producer who looks for the right man, but winds up becoming involved with her old love an Doctor who is married with a daughter, who wants to be with her, but gets cold feet. Savannah who gets tired of waiting, gives him a piece of her mind and gently spills her drink into his lap and later tells her mother that she is sick and tired of her forcing her to get married and have children like her sister so she won't be alone like her. "Yes mama I'm 33 years old and I'm alone" Whitney's character said in the award winning classic. "I may have to accept the fact that I may be alone for the rest of my life!" When her mother tried to reason with her about the doctor being a good man in a bad situation, Savannah relied with "Momma why don't you fucking marry him?!"

I think that the person who should take over the role is actress/author Robin Givens.
Why I chose Givens? Robin is an talented actress, who brings sassiness and classiness in most of her roles she plays. In 1992, she starred in the classic "Boomerang" as Jacquline Broyer, an beautiful woman, who captures Marcus Graham's (played by Eddie Murphy) eye and while he thinks he can easily get her into his bed, he's shocked to learn that not only is she hard to get, she's also an executive who later becomes his boss at Chantress an marketing company. He tries everything to get her into his bed including inviting him over to his house for dinner, but it doesn't work. At a party she informs him that if she would to ever seduce him, he would know. He finally makes love to her during a trip to New Orleans, and he falls for her, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve. She gives him a strong dose of his medicine by having her secretary call him to schedule a date for them to meet. The night of their date, he buys tickets to a movie premiere and after party and it rains and she doesn't show up. After calling the airports to see if any flights from Canada wer delayed or in an accident. Jacauline then arrives at his apartment donned in a trench coat, high heels, and underwear, and she apologizes by putting it on him to the point that he has her screaming her name while making his toes curl. She later leaves his apartment as well as leaves two hundred dollars on his dresser with an empty condom package. The scene that really shows that Robin can play Savannah is when she steps to Grace Jones' character and lets her know that if she doesn't fly to the Bahamas to do the photo shoot she will take back the money and sue her for every goddamn cent. The way Robin says it shows that she is capable of doing the job well.

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