Wednesday, November 5, 2008


While I was working on the previous blog, I began to think what it would be like if I given the opportunity to meet with Obama and his family at their new residence. What would I do and what would I speak about?

I would be in awe because it would be my first time in the White House and I would be somewhat star-struck meeting the President face-to-face, but I would eventually get over it and treat them with respect and speak about issues that are on my heart

1. Providing housing for low-income families and people with disabilities.
With the ecomony in it's current condition (thanks to his soon to be former tenant spending it on a stupid ass war which needs to end), many people are forced to work two or more jobs to provide a roof over their heads and floors on their feet (see Mr. Cosby, nobody pays over 500 dollars for a pair of sneakers), and most of the time people are a pay check away from being evicted. Nobody has the right to be homeless, and there should be homes provided for everybody to have a place to lay their heads instead of laying them on stone pillows.

B. There are many people living with disabilites who also find themselves finding housing and landlords who are willing to accept those relying on programs such as HASA, SSI, Section 8 and Pensions and if they do, they are more willing to accept programs that pays the full amount as opposed to take those who pay partial rent, due to the bad apples who refuses to pay their share. The ones who are responsible shouldn't have to suffer, and they should be able to have a place to live without having to go through hassles just to find a decent place to live.

2. Giving the veterans their proper benefits. Many people have enlisted in the military to fight many senseless wars, but when they return back to the US, many find it hard to re-adjust to life as a regular civilian, and they're given a choice of what benefits they can receive. Especially those who are forced to retire due to physical and mental health issues. They should be giving both SSI and their military benefits since they risked their lives to fight and return with scars that may or may not be healed.

3. Gay rights. Gays and Lesbians have been helping many people in the world of entertainment and politics for years, and they shouldn't be mistreated or not given the same health benefits and rights the hetero folks got. Especially not being to visit a loved one in the hospital who may be estranged and/or disowned from their biological families because of their orientation.

4. More funding for inner-city programs. If you don't like to see kids robbing and killing, provide a place for them go.

5. Affordable health care.

Those are the things I would speak to Obama about in a nice, mature and intelligent way.

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